Dry July 2016

tl;dr - I’m doing Dry July this year to raise money to support those with cancer and the people around them. Donate here.

You’ve probably heard of Dry July before, most likely from one of your friends who posted something on Facebook about doing it and you should give them money because it’s “a real challenge” not to drink for a whole month. That’s how I first heard about it at least. I never really engaged with what the charity is actually about until this year, when I discovered one of my coworkers at Zendesk actually helped start the charity.

Without going too much into his medical history, he’d had a bit of a health scare back in 2007, which meant he spent a lot of time in hospital waiting rooms and oncology wards. Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be a pretty miserable time. After coming out the other side with a clean bill of health, he set out, along with some other Good Sorts, to raise money to support cancer patients. Dry July aims to support those patients and their families, not through donating money or equipment to hospitals, but through quality-of-life improvements for the people going through such struggles. Think of things like games in waiting rooms, or a buzzer system while you’re waiting so you can go and get a coffee while you wait for your appointment.

I’ve spent enough time in hospitals that when I heard the backstory to Dry July, I signed up immediately. A bunch of my colleagues did too. We even started a team. For me, it’s not so much about the whole “not drinking for a month” thing, as it is the great cause behind it all. It’s a good thing then, that they have “Golden Tickets” in the form of a $25 donation to your own fundraising total for a “day off”, because my parents will be visiting from New Zealand for a week.

Check it out, it’s a great cause.