No Man's Sky - A Small Gallery

No Man’s Sky came out a couple of weeks ago. At its core, it’s a game about space exploration, built by Hello Games. A lot of people are talking a lot of shit about this game all over the place, both good and bad, and I’m not here to wade into that mess. I need some more time for the dust to settle, but mostly for me to form some more coherent thoughts about No Man’s Sky. For now though, here are screenshots of some of the cool/quirky/impressive/weird things I’ve seen so far.

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Hearing in Stereo

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m “deaf” in my right ear. I’m using quotes there because I have some hearing ability in that ear, but for all intents and purposes, it’s poor enough that it might as well not work at all. I had a cholesteatoma when I was quite young, and a string of surgeries between when it happened and the age of about 15. In the process, I lost all three of the ossicles (bones in the middle ear that facilitate hearing), rendering the ear effectively useless. I’ve tried hearing aids over the years, but mostly found them to be too much of an encumbrance on day-to-day life. Instead, I’ve just developed strategies for reducing the impact it has on my life, such as making sure people are on my left side during conversations, sitting near the front of classes/presentations, and generally avoiding loud or crowded situations (read about the cocktail party effect for why these are especially bad).

One positive note out of all of this is that my bone conduction in my right ear is pretty much unharmed. During the many hearing tests I’ve done over the years, it was the one aspect in which both of my ears perform well. This is where the reason for this post comes in: the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium bone conduction headphones.

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Hello World (again)

So, some things have changed around here. The address is the same, but a bunch of stuff beneath the surface has changed. For one, I’m no longer using WordPress. After getting tired with WordPress constantly nagging me about updates, as well as a bad run of updates breaking my installation, I decided to rebuild my site from the ground up. I’ve opted for a much more lightweight setup, which is mainly using something called Hexo.

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